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  1. 5786 Series
    U-Shaped Wire Bottom Shelves
    $449.05 - $470.95
    (Contains: 5786-30CR, 5786-33CR )
    Obtrusive plumbing shouldn't dictate your storage space. Update with a Rev-A-Shelf's chrome wire pullout, outfitted with our unique U-Shaped frame that fits around the peskiest of pipes.
  2. 486 Series
    Maple U-Shaped Vanity Pullout
    $388.00 - $416.15
    Enjoy complete accessibility to your under sink vanity with Rev-A-Shelf's new 486 Series. Designed for 30" vanity sink base cabinets, this unique u-shaped organizer features natural maple construction with non-skid vinyl lining, BLUMOTION soft-close and offers either side or bottom mount installation for the ultimate convenience.
  3. 5WBR Series
    Sliding Wine Racks
    $97.15 - $646.75
    Create a pantry or bar that is the envy of all your friends with Deluxe Sliding Wine Racks. Their unique design lets you see your wine bottles entirely just by pulling the product out of the cabinet. Go from selection to serving is just seconds!

    Available in three sizes, 18", 24" and 30", it glides on full-extension slides, and the angled design keeps your corks wet, preventing spoilage. So, don't wait any longer, get the wine storage solution that any Sommelier would be proud to have.
  4. 5WSCR Series
    Sliding Spice/Can Rack
    $100.75 - $686.50
    Stop looking at your pantry head-on and start seeing things from a different, more accessible angle with our Deluxe Sliding Spice/Can Rack. Their unique design lets you see items entirely just by pulling the product out of the cabinet. See what you have at a glance!
  5. 5WCOR Series
    Pantry System Container Organizer
    $29.15 - $456.75
    Looking for an easy access way to store sundries, then look no further than this amazing pantry system container organizer. Available in multiple sizes, the organizer glides out of the pantry, giving you complete accessibility. The airtight acrylic containers with easy-open lids allow you to find what you need when you need it.
  6. 4PIL Series Components
    Pilaster System Components
    $7.40 - $470.25
    Accessory components for the 4PIL System that is completely adjustable to work with different cabinet openings and work around hinges.
  7. 445 Series
    Grooming Organizer
    $402.65 - $556.95
    (Contains: 445-VCG20-8, 445-VCG20SC-8, 445-VCG25-8, and 1 more )
    Find the ideal bathroom cabinetry organizer with Rev-A-Shelf's 445 Series. Designed for face frame 12" full height vanity cabinets, this grooming pullout organizer features shelves with acrylic accents and removable stainless steel bins. The perfect addition to keep you and your vanity organized.
  8. 448 Series (Vanity)
    Vanity Tiered Organizer
    $636.40 - $739.05
    (Contains: 448-VC20SC-8, 448-VC25SC-8 )
    Rev-A-Shelf's vanity organizers are perfect height and depth for most bathroom vanities. Organize all of your bathroom necessities without having to reach in the back of your cabinets. Simple installation and patented door mount kit is included to attach your own cabinet door to the front of the unit for easy 1-step access. The 448-VC is available in both a Vanity Height and Base Height version, and features our patented adjustable door mount brackets that allow up to 5 inches of flexibility for trouble-free installation on any door style.
  9. 445 VB Series
    Vanity Outlet Grooming Organizer
    (Contains: 445-VBOSC-8C )
    Are you tired of a cluttered vanity and unsightly cords everywhere? Then your search is over, Rev-A-Shelf's 445 Series Electric Grooming Pullout is the solution for you. This ideal bathroom cabinetry organizer allows you to store and power curling irons, blow dryers and so much more. Door mountable, it is easy to access, and additional shelves provide storage for other beauty products.
  10. 441 Series
    Maple L-Shaped Vanity Organizer
    $410.35 - $511.00
    Conveniently store items while maximizing your under sink vanity space with Rev-A-Shelf's 441 L-Shaped Organizer. Designed for 24" and 30" vanity sink base cabinets and made of maple dovetail hardwood with a semi-gloss finish, this organizer features a unique reversible frame that can be mounted on the left or right to fit around obtrusive plumbing. It glides on TANDEM, 90 lb. rated slides with BLUMOTION soft-close and includes non-skid vinyl lining and acrylic bins.
  11. 448-TP Series (Tall)
    Wood Pantry Pullout
    $926.55 - $1082.85
    Rev-A-Shelf wood pantry system will maximize your storage space with this fabulous and functional pullout pantry. Available in four widths and three heights, it rides on our heavy duty soft-close slide system and boasts unprecedented adjustment and strength. Constructed of beautiful wood, adjustable shelves, door mount brackets, a telescoping rear wall and included all mounting hardware.
  12. 4PIL Series (Tall)
    Pilaster System New!
    $7.40 - $1112.15
    Rev-A-Shelf has introduced a truly customized pilaster system. The pilaster system is completely adjustable to work with different cabinet openings and work around hinges.
  13. 5300 Series
    Solid Bottom Pantry Pullout
    Call to order
    Rev-A-Shelf’s 5300 Pullout Pantry Series is the answer to your full access (frameless) cabinetry needs. The series offers basket depths for 24” deep cabinetry and comes in five different widths and four height ranges. Available in your choice of beautiful maple or contemporary gray solid bottom to match every kitchen style.
  14. 5700 Series
    Wire Pantry Pullout
    $1524.40 (or Call to Order)
    Bring functionality and style to your kitchen with a Chrome Pullout Pantry. Available in an array of sizes you are sure to find the right one for your storage needs. Complete and kit packaged, this beautiful pantry features adjustable door mounting brackets, 250lbs weight rated slide system, top and bottom soft-close slide slides, study frame and stylized wire baskets.
  15. 448 Series (Wall)
    Wall Cabinet Pullout
    $210.25 - $356.85
    Do you need that one item in the back of your wall cabinet, and the only way to access it is to pull everything out? Stop the madness with Rev-A-Shelf's pullout shelving system, whose open design ensures you can effortlessly find everything. Available in varying heights and sizes, they door mount giving you a uniquely customized look and easy operation.
  16. 5708 Series
    Above Appliance Pullout
    (Contains: 5708-15CR )
    Above your refrigerator or oven is one of the hardest places to reach in the back of that cabinet. Well, Rev-A-Shelf has fixed this by designing an above the appliance pullout organizer. This unit requires a 24" deep cabinet, but will bring the hard-to-reach items to your finger tips.
  17. 5386 Series
    U-Shaped Solid Bottom Shelves
    $576.80 - $621.90
    Under Sink Storage can be tricky with the plumbing getting in the way. This U-Shaped Under sink Pullout Storage Organizer with Wire Basket Shelf by Rev-A-Shelf is the perfect solution! Featuring your choice of beautiful Maple or contemporary Gray solid bottoms with wire basket shelving, this Rev-A-Shelf Under sink Pullout Shelf is designed for 33" and 36" sink base cabinets. The unique u-shaped frame fits around even the peskiest pipes, and glides on Blum full-extension, Soft-Close Drawer Slides. The pull out shelf can be side or bottom mounted and can also be individually door mounted with included brackets.
  18. 5CC Series
    Cleaning Caddy Pullout
    Clean your house like a professional with the ultimate in housework convenience, Rev-A-Shelf's 2-in-1 cleaning pullout. Designed for under sink applications it pulls from the cabinet giving you full accessibility and with the removable accessories keeps cleaning products within reach. The caddy is available in a multitude of colors and glides on soft-close slides.
  19. 4PIL Series
    Pilaster System New!
    $7.40 - $1112.15
    Rev-A-Shelf has introduced a truly customized pilaster system. The pilaster system is completely adjustable to work with different cabinet openings and work around hinges.

Items 1-20 of 22

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