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  1. 4WDR Series
    Drying Rack Drawer New!
    $345.10 - $499.80
    (Contains: 4WDR-24HSC-1, 4WDR-24H-1, 4WDR-30HSC-1, and 1 more )
    Do you need a drying solution for your laundry room? The 4WDR drying rack is one of the most sought-after solutions for flat or hang-to-dry clothing. The complete drawer system installs into your existing cabinet; you only need to attach your drawer front. The rack is easy to access and use. Open the drawer and unfold the arms for up to 18 or 21 linear ft. of drying space. With two positions of placement, you can flat or hang dry items on the rust-resistant stainless steel rods.
  2. 4UH Series
    Wood Universal Holder Pullout New!
    Call to order
    (Contains: 4UH-BC-9C )
    Need a boost? We’ve got you covered with the 4UH Series Wood Universal Holder. Originally designed to hold a step ladder, this pullout has endless storage uses: cutting boards, baking sheets, cookbooks… you name it! Features easy installation, two slides, and a strong clamp to keep its contents secure. The 4UH Series has a small footprint but adds convenience and function to any kitchen, laundry room, garage or mudroom.
  3. 4PIL-WOODKIT Series
    Wood Pilaster System Kit New!
    $288.55 - $699.20
    For those seeking a tailored and efficient storage solution, the 4PIL Wood Pilaster is the ultimate choice. This revolutionary system is the epitome of adaptability for kitchen and pantry organization. This system is designed for door/drawer and full -height base cabinets, providing versatile storage solutions with double and triple-drawer options. The stackable design caters to pantry applications, maintaining a sleek aesthetic with no visible holes. Installation and adjustability are easy.
  4. 4PIL-WOOD Series
    Wood Pilaster System New!
    $11.60 - $295.50
    If you are wanting to quickly and easily add drawer pullouts to your base or tall cabinets, look no further than the fully redesigned 4PIL Wood Pilaster System from Rev-A-Shelf®! Available in three versions of thickness and three heights, this system is customizable to virtually any cabinet. Features easy installation, a finished look, and a competitive price tag.
  5. CRSL Series
    Closet Rod New!
    $154.55 (or Call to Order)
    (Contains: CRSL-96-CR-1, CRSL-96-BZ-1, CRSL-96-SN-1, and 1 more )
    Raise the bar with our closet rods whose unique notch and groove design provides added strength and eliminates pole spinning. Add the rod's one-of-a-kind integrated pole guard, which protects the finish from scratches while giving you a smooth slide surface for perusing all your fashion choices.

    The 1-5/8" diameter poles are available in multiple finishes to match our other closet accessories. They are easy to install when using the matching pole caps (sold separately) that snap into standard system 32 mm pattern holes.
  6. CLVSL Series
    Adjustable Laundry Valet Rod New!
    $37.70 - $50.75
    (Contains: CLVSL-BZ-1, CLVSL-CR-1, CLVSL-SN-1, and 1 more )
    Need a good place to hang your drip-dry laundry? This space-saving, fold-away laundry valet can hold up to 12 or more hangers on its six-hole design. When not in use, simply fold away this wall-mounted rack. Whether you prefer it installed in your laundry room or closet, it provides a great place to stash those just-home-from-the-cleaners dress shirts and other garments before redistributing them to their permanent places in the closet. Put one near your dryer to hang up those items that seem to attract wrinkles if not hung up immediately after drying. And if you need an extra clothes-hanging option, it gives you the perfect place to hang up damp coats, jackets and rain gear or a handy instant "closet" for overnight guests' clothing.
  7. CSWBRSL Series
    Premier Swivel Belt Rack
    $66.85 - $113.10
    From sliding to pivoting, the patented Premier Belt Rack is the most sophisticated accessory for belt storage in the 21st century and can be installed and used in the most awkward and unusual locations due to its unique, patented slide out and pivot design. Featuring over-extension, ball-bearing slide, the rack is constructed from steel and cast aluminum. Pull it out and turn it to face you, revealing all your ties at one time.

    Its exclusive design is available in a variety of Sidelines' most popular finishes to complement your closet's elegant decor. Fits 14" deep or greater closet panels and requires only 4 screws (included) to install in minutes.
  8. 587 Series
    Girasolo with Contemporary Chrome and Maple Shelves Blind Corner Optimizer New!
    $850.00 - $873.65
    (Contains: 587-12-LMP, 587-12-RMP, 587-15-LMP, and 3 more )
    The 587 Series “Girasolo” Blind Corner Optimizer by Rev-A-Shelf® makes organizing your blind corner cabinet smooth sailing. This unique design features two pullout trays that easily glide directly out on an innovative soft-close pivot hardware system, eliminating the need for adjacent appliance clearance. The adjustable shelving system also allows for maximum storage capacity, while optimizing the usage of the hard-to-reach storage area.
  9. 4WLS87 Series
    Girasolo with Wood Classic Shelves Blind Corner Optimizer w/ Soft-Close New!
    $724.25 - $761.10
    The 4WLS87 Series “Girasolo” Blind Corner Optimizer by Rev-A-Shelf® is the perfect solution for the dark abyss that can be a blind corner cabinet. This innovative design features two pullout trays that easily glide directly out on a soft-close pivot hardware system, eliminating the need for adjacent appliance clearance. The adjustable shelving system also allows for maximum storage capacity, while optimizing the usage of the hard-to-reach storage area.
  10. 5LB Series
    LEGRABOX Bottom Mount Waste Container W/BLUMOTION Soft-Close New!
    $75.40 - $754.00
    The style possibilities are limitless with Rev-A-Shelf's 5LB Series LEGRABOX Pull-Out Waste Container. Designed for full access 12", 15" and 18" base cabinets with 3/4" side panels, the LEGRABOX frame comes fully assembled in three configurations: orion gray with a natural maple semi-gloss finish insert, orion gray with a walnut satin finish insert or stainless steel with a painted black MDF insert. It features full-extension, MOVENTO slides with BLUM soft-close and are compatible with TIP-ON or SERVO-DRIVE systems.
  11. 4WCWM Series
    Wood Bottom Mount Waste Management Center w/ Soft-Close New!
    $595.95 - $616.40
    If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your trash, recycling, and/or organic waste… your search is over! Rev-A-Shelf® is proud to introduce the 4WCWM Series Wood Bottom Mount Waste Management Center. Available with your choice of additional storage on the side or two 8 L. containers (perfect for composting) held securely in place with a maple beauty ring, this pullout is a great addition to any kitchen. The maple dovetail frame glides on soft-close slides and boasts a reversible design with a side storage compartment.
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