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In this section, you will find everything you need to know about lazy susans and selecting the perfect one to keep your kitchen organized. Lazy Susan line is revered as the best in the industry with exceptional quality, unfaltering durability, and premium selection! Our extensive collection of Lazy Susans includes Full Circle, Kidney, D-Shape, Pie Cut, and Half Moon designs to accommodate any cabinet shape. The bottom line is when you need a lazy susan call on the brand, you can trust for superior quality, and that started it all: Rev-A-Shelf!

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The types of materials and finishes used in a design can create a particular ambiance or look. Choosing the right one is critical and is why we offer our lazy susans in materials like wood, polymer and wire. Also, with our good, better and best construction options, you are sure to find the perfect storage solution for your home and budget.

When considering a lazy susan, you need to take a few things into consideration cabinet type, cabinet size, material and functionality. Whether material or function comes first is open to interpretation, so the best way to make an informed buying decision is to understand the different functionalities so you can be sure the material you select comes with the features that you want. 

lazy suzan single tray hardware
Bottom mount single tray hardware
lazy susan bearing hardware
Bearing hardware

Single Shelf or Shelf Sets

Single shelves are available with post and bearing options. All single versions bottom mount to the cabinet, but posts susans have a hole in the shelf while bearing mounted susans are solid.

Shelf sets, meaning a susan with (2) or more shelves post mount. But there are a few things to consider like bottom mounting vs. bottom and top mounting and dependent vs. independent rotation. Whether your susan has polymer or chrome accessories depends on the overall series you select

lazy susan shelf post hardware
Bottom mount (2) shelf post hardware
lazy susan telescoping shelf post
Telescoping (2) shelf post hardware

Bottom Mount or Telescoping Posts

Bottom mounting is the use of a static post that mounts to the bottom of the cabinet, it does not telescope out and is usually for installing only (2) shelves.

A telescoping post mounts to both the floor and ceiling of your cabinet and extends out to varying sizes to fit a range of cabinet heights and is for mounting (2) or more shelves.

lazy susan full circle hardware
Full circle hardware
lazy susan pie cut hardware
Pie cut hardware
lazy susan half moon hardware
Half moon hardware

Dependent or Independent Rotating

Dependently rotating means the shelves move together at the same time. Independently rotating shelves move freely from one another.


Bearings are swiveling bases that the susan rides. Based on the series of susan you select, you can get either steel or aluminum bearings; the difference between the two are like the names suggest, one version is steel and the other aluminum.


Full circle shelves with bearings do not have stops meaning when you turn them they continue to spin. D and Kidney shape shelves feature “Stops,” which allow the tray to rotate around ending in the position needed to shut the cabinet door.

Rev-A-Shelf lazy susans are available in four types: full circle, d-shape, kidney and pie-cut and are available in an array of sizes for base and wall cabinet applications.

Cabinet Variations

  • Corner cabinets are offered in both base and wall designs
  • A diagonal corner cabinet provides a diagonal transition for the cabinetry run
  • An angled corner cabinet creates a 900 transition for the cabinetry run
  • Most corner cabinets take up 36” of space on each wall (some are 33”)

Diagonal Corner

diagram of diagonal corner cabinets

Angled Corner

diagram of angeled corner cabinet

Base Cabinet Solutions: Diagonal Corner

diagram of a diagonal cabinet solution
diagram of a full circle lazy susan
diagram of a d shape lazy susan

Base Cabinet Solutions: Angled Corner

diagram of a lazy susan kidney solution
diagram of a base angle cabinet kidney spec

Pie Cut: Angled Corner with door attached

diagram of a lazy susan angled cabinet pie cut solution
diagram of a lazy susan angled cabinet pie cut spec

Wall Cabinet Solutions: Diagonal Corner

diagram of lazy susan diagonal cabinet solutions
diagram of a lazy susan full circle spec
diagram of a lazy susan d shaped spec

Wall Cabinet Solutions: Angled Corner

diagram of a lazy susan angled corner kidney shaped solution
diagram of a wall angled kindney spec

Pie Cut: Angled Corner with door attached

diagram of a lazy susan pie cut solution
diagram of a lazy susan pie cut spec