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How do you make more room in a confined space like a wall cabinet? How do you use all the space in your cabinet when you can’t reach the shelves? Answer - add Rev-A-Shelf wall accessories. Our classic door mount spice racks and storage shelves expand your limited space with selections of wire, polymer and wood. And now everyone can reach the shelves in your wall cabinet with our revolutionary chrome Pull Down Shelving System. This popular kitchen convenience is one of the many innovative products introduced as Rev-A-Shelf continues to change the way you think about cabinet organization. In this section you will find everything you need to keep your kitchen organized.

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The types of materials and finishes used in a design can create a particular ambiance or look. Choosing the right one is critical and is why we offer our wall accessories in materials like traditional wood and contemporary wire with round or flat accents and in and array of finishes that include chrome, oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

Not every cabinet is the same and is why we offer different mounting options that include accessories that mount to the cabinet floors and/or sidewalls, while some affix under and even in-between cabinets. Many require and include our patented door mounting brackets that allow you to use the product as you would any other cabinet in your home and ensures a custom look.

image of a solution that mounts to the cabinet floor

Mounts to cabinet floor

image of a solution that mounts to the cabinet door

Mounts to cabinet door

image of a solution that mounts to cabinet side walls

Mounts to cabinet side walls

image of a solution that mounts under the cabinet

Mounts under cabinet

image of a solution that mounts between cabinets

Mounts between cabinet (fillers)

 diagram of a full face cabinet

Face Frame

Face Frame cabinets incorporate a wood “frame” around the front of the outer edge of the cabinet box.

They are considered more traditional and offer some style variation based on the amount of door overlay, which is the extent the door covers or “lays-over” the face frame.

  • Full-overlay – Door and drawers completely “fully” cover the face frame
  • Partial-overlay – Door and drawers cover only “part” of the frame
  • Full-inset – Doors and drawers are made to fit within “inside” the face frame opening

Full Access

Full Access cabinets also referred to as “frameless” they offer a bit more accessibility than framed cabinets. This is because in the construction there is no inside edge of a frame that’s partially blocking the perimeter of the cabinet opening.

Described as a “European” or “Contemporary” style of cabinet, the doors are typically full-overlay (covering the entire front of the cabinet box) though some can be made as full-inset.

diagram of a frameless cabinet

Rev-A-Shelf features wall cabinet solutions for most cabinet openings and filler applications. Standard wall cabinet heights are 30”, 33”, 36”, 39” & 42” / Standard depth for a wall cabinet is 12”

Cabinet Variations

diagram of a full height cabinet

Full Height Cabinets:

Single cabinet with one opening typically having a single or set of door.
diagram of a corner cabinet

Corner Cabinet:

A single used in a corner to transition from one wall to another without leaving a large empty/void space in a corner.
diagram of a filler cabinet


A piece of finished wood used to “fill” openings or gaps between cabinets. Since there is no interior cabinet our filler accessories are designed to mount between two cabinets.

Several Rev-A-Shelf wall cabinet accessories are offered with an array of slide types and sizes, including full-extension, soft-close or a unique gas assisted lowering mechanism.

diagram of a wall cabinet travel
image of a wall slide travel solution

Slide Types

Soft-Close Slides: Slows the product as it closes, ensuring that it doesn’t slam. Side-mounted soft-close slides are ball-bearing slides that mount to both the side of the product and the side of the cabinet. They are visible when the product is opened. Undermount soft-close slides are ball-bearing slides that mount to the sides of the cabinet and connect to locking devices attached to the underside of the product. They are not visible when the product is opened.

Ball-Bearing Slides: Features lubricated bearings that move drawers allowing smooth opening and closing action. These slides typically have a release feature for easy product removal.

Gas-assisted lifting/lowering mechanism: Allows the product to smoothly be pulled down and lifted.