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  1. CVLSL Series
    Telescoping Valet Rod New!
    $49.45 - $82.65
    Tired of hanging one hanger on another hanger just to see what the outfit looks like? Our Telescopic Valet Rod comes to the rescue! Pull out a suit or a dress and hang it on the rod for your assessment. It holds up to 35 lbs. (perfect for overnight suit bags) and goes right where you need it: in front of your clothes in the closet.

    Our Telescopic Valet Rod is perfect for next day wardrobe planning, and you can even hide it away under a fixed shelf or behind a cabinet door!
  2. CVLPOSL Series
    Pop-Out Valet Rod New!
    $63.05 - $105.85
    Just back from the laundry or cleaners and need an extra hand putting things away, or are you just tired of hanging one hanger on another just to see what your outfit looks like? Our Pop-Out Telescopic Valet Rod comes to the rescue!

    The one-touch mechanism pops the rod out when you need it, and a simple push locks it back into its closed position. It holds up to 35 lbs. (perfect for heavy dry cleaning bags) and goes right where you need it: in front of your clothes in the closet. Perfect for next day wardrobe planning, you can even hide it away under a fixed shelf or behind a cabinet door!
  3. CRSL Series
    Closet Rod
    $154.55 (or Call to Order)
    Raise the bar with our closet rods whose unique notch and groove design provides added strength and eliminates pole spinning. Add the rod's one-of-a-kind integrated pole guard, which protects the finish from scratches while giving you a smooth slide surface for perusing all your fashion choices.

    The 1-5/8" diameter poles are available in multiple finishes to match our other closet accessories. They are easy to install when using the matching pole caps (sold separately) that snap into standard system 32 mm pattern holes.
  4. GLD Series (Closet)
    Glideware(TM) Valet Hanger Pullout
    $142.10 - $174.00
    The GLD-CV series valet hanger, a revolutionary organizing pullout that allows you to securely hang your garments inside your closet and bring them out only when you want them, just got better. Designed for 14" closet depths, the patent-pending Glideware(TM) Pullout features a push and pull bar for easy accessibility, a chrome rail with scallops to securely hold clothes.
  5. CLVSL Series
    Adjustable Laundry Valet Rod
    $37.70 - $50.75
    Need a good place to hang your drip-dry laundry? This space-saving, fold-away laundry valet can hold up to 12 or more hangers on its six-hole design. When not in use, simply fold away this wall-mounted rack. Whether you prefer it installed in your laundry room or closet, it provides a great place to stash those just-home-from-the-cleaners dress shirts and other garments before redistributing them to their permanent places in the closet. And if wrinkles are an issue in your house, put one near your dryer to hang up those items that seem to attract wrinkles if not hung up immediately after drying. And if you need an extra clothes-hanging option, it gives you the perfect place to hang up damp coats, jackets and rain gear or a handy instant "closet" for overnight guests' clothing.
  6. CVRSL Series
    Deluxe Slide Valet Rod New!
    $47.55 - $71.05
    In days of yore (whenever that was) your wardrobe was laid out for you, easy to see. Fast forward and now we have closets stuffed to the gills with outfits. But which one should you wear? The Deluxe Closet Valet Rod helps speed your decision.

    Our valet rod combines the best of the old days with modern design and technology. Mounted to your closet's side panels, it stays out of view, taking up almost no space when not needed. But when it's time to pack for that cross-country trip or get ready for that "hot date", it slides out on a full-extension, ball-bearing steel slide. Best of all, it matches our other Deluxe Accessories for coordinating your belts, ties or scarves, too.
  7. CPDR Series
    Pulldown Closet Rod
    $174.00 - $233.45
    (Contains: CPDR-1826, CPDR-2635, CPDR-3548, and 1 more )
    Rev-A-Shelf's side mounted, Pull-Down Closet Rod is available in three sizes and features an adjustable rod length to accommodate various openings depending on model. The telescoping pull-rod can be adjusted to the length that works best for you. It is adjustable from 34" to 50" to accommodate universal design and handicap accessible applications.
  8. 441 Series
    Maple L-Shaped Vanity Organizer
    $395.85 - $479.95
    Conveniently store items while maximizing your under sink vanity space with Rev-A-Shelf's 441 L-Shaped Organizer. Designed for 24" and 30" vanity sink base cabinets and made of maple dovetail hardwood with a semi-gloss finish, this organizer features a unique reversible frame that can be mounted on the left or right to fit around obtrusive plumbing. It glides on TANDEM, 90 lb. rated slides with BLUMOTION soft-close and includes non-skid vinyl lining and acrylic bins.
  9. SBVDTF Series
    Flexible Vanity Drip Tray New!
    $60.90 - $72.50
    Are you worried about water leaks damaging your cabinets? Let us put your mind at rest with our SBVDTF Series Drip Trays. These flexible trays are perfect for installation in smaller spaces and are your first line of defense against water damage in your under sink cabinets. They are easy to clean, resistant to most household chemicals, and trimmable with scissors for easy customization. These drip trays protect the bottom of your vanity cabinet first by holding water, then funneling excess water onto the floor in front of your cabinet, alerting you to the leak.
  10. 445 VB Series
    Vanity Outlet Grooming Organizer
    (Contains: 445-VBOSC-8C )
    Are you tired of a cluttered vanity and unsightly cords everywhere? Then your search is over, Rev-A-Shelf's 445 Series Electric Grooming Pullout is the solution for you. This ideal bathroom cabinetry organizer allows you to store and power curling irons, blow dryers and so much more. Door mountable, it is easy to access, and additional shelves provide storage for other beauty products.
  11. 4VR Series
    Vanity Storage Rack
    $87.00 - $121.80
    (Contains: 4VR-12-1, 4VR-15-1, 4VR-24-1, and 2 more )
    Conveniently store toiletries without compromising design with Rev-A-Shelf's 4VR Series. Designed for 2", 15", 18", 21" and 24" vanity base cabinets, this unit features a natural maple frame with semi-gloss finish, two non-skid vinyl shelves with acrylic accents and our patented adjustable mounting brackets. (US Patent No. 7,204,569)
  12. 4SH Series
    Scale Holder
    (Contains: 4SH-15-1 )
    What you hate about scales? Picking them up to clean, tripping over them and of course their honesty. Okay, we can't help with everything, but with Rev-A-Shelf's scale holder two out of three isn't bad. This door mounted storage rack allows you to store your scale off the floor and securely inside of your cabinet.
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Items 81-100 of 394

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