At Rev-A-Shelf we understand that no two homes are the same and that is why we design our products for different cabinet applications. Whether you need a storage solution for a drawer or full height cabinet, ones that fit face frame or full access construction, our extensive line ensures you will find quality products that meet your specific needs.

General Cabinet Components

Base Cabinets

Cabinets mounted on the floor that usually support the counter tops. They come in various constructions based on your needs.


Wall Cabinets

Mounted on the wall, they are typically located above the counter tops and stoves/ovens.

Tall/Pantry Cabinets

Essentially tall base cabinets, they stand on the floor and may be freestanding or attached to other wall and/or base cabinets.

Component Variations

  • Full Height – Single cabinet approximately 30” H with one opening typically having a single or set of doors
  • Tall – Single cabinet typically 84”, 90” or 96” H with one or several doors
  • Drawer/Door – A single base cabinet comprised of a drawer opening and a larger cabinet opening with a single or set of doors
  • Drawer Bank – A single cabinet comprised of several drawer openings
  • Blind Corner – A single cabinet is comprised of a full height door or drawer/door on one side and an open/void space on the other, which is hidden behind an adjacent cabinet.
  • Corner – A single base cabinet used in a corner to transition from one wall to another without leaving a large empty/void space in a corner.
  • Sink – A cabinet designed to be used with a sink. The style of cabinet depends on the type of sink being used.
  • Fillers – A piece of finished wood used to “fill” openings or gaps between cabinets. Since there is no interior cabinet our filler accessories are designed to mount between two cabinets.
Kitchen cabinets are 24" deep and bathroom cabinets are typically 21” deep. Bathroom cabinets are available in vanity height of 31-1/2” high (33" with countertop) and also in standard kitchen cabinet height, which is 34-1/2” (36" with countertop).

Cabinet Design Types

Face Frame

Face Frame cabinets incorporate a wood “frame” around the front of the outer edge of the cabinet box.

They are considered more traditional and offer some style variation based on the amount of door overlay, which is the extent the door covers or “lays-over” the face frame.

  • Full-overlay – Door and drawers completely “fully” cover the face frame
  • Partial-overlay – Door and drawers cover only “part” of the frame
  • Inset – Doors and drawers are made to fit within “inside” the face frame opening

Full Access

Full Access cabinets also referred to as “frameless” they offer a bit more accessibility than framed cabinets. This is because in the construction there is no inside edge of a frame that’s partially blocking the perimeter of the cabinet opening.

Described as a “European” or “Contemporary” style of cabinet, the doors are typically full-overlay (covering the entire front of the cabinet box) though some can be made as inset.