Brand Standards

These guidelines will help you use the elements of our visual identity system correctly. This page includes a brief summary. For full guidelines download our Brand Standards Guide.


Our Logo

One of the most important, if not the most important aspect in our visual representation is our logo. It is vital that every time that Rev-A-Shelf is portrayed it is done in a consistent matter. Our logos should not be changed or adapted in any way; and should only be used in the forms provided.

Click on the logos below to download various file types for print and screen.

If space allows, use the Rev-A-Shelf logo with the tag line "Innovation through Organization". This was tradmarked in 2013 as part of our whole home approach to cabinet organization.

TIP: Choosing the appropriate file type:
For Printed Media use .eps,.pdf, or .jpg formats
For Electronic Media use .png (transparent background)

These logos are approved for use when marketing a specific Rev-A-Shelf product series.

Tresco Logo

Tresco is one our fastest growing brands, and we have our own very specific goals for establishing it’s identity. These logos should not be changed or adaptedin any way; and should only be used in the forms provided.

Primary Logo

For use in grayscale printing


Color is a very important aspect to our corporate branding. Our colors reflect quality and confidence.



Spot Color Printing
Pantone 704

Full Color Offset Printing
C: 24 M: 95 Y: 86 K: 19

Web/Digital Color
R: 163 G: 42 B: 46


Spot Color Printing
Pantone 421

Full Color Offset Printing
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:30

Web/Digital Color
R:179 G:179 B:179



Spot Color Printing
Pantone 3005

Full Color Offset Printing
C: 100 M: 46 Y: 2 K: 0

Web/Digital Color
R: 0 G: 117 B: 201

Our Typeface

Avenir is our corporate font. We use Avenir and only Avenir on all materials. Avenir reflect our simple clean look. Avenir comes in a variety of weights, in most cases use either “roman”, “light”, or “heavy”. Avenier Next and Avenier Next Condensed is also acceptable.
Arial is our online typeface for PC. Helvetica for Mac.

Due to licensing agreements we can not distribute this font, we specifically choose this font because its generally used and readily available. It’s available to purchase many places online, such as

Social Media

We love that our customers love us! Social media is a fantastic way to share the products you like with your friends, family, and clients. Here’s a few things we’d like you to consider.

ID: @revashelf
Official Hashtag: #revashelf

ID: @revashelf

ID: revashelf

ID: revashelf

ID: revashelf