Find an Authorized Partner


Approved Rev-A-Shelf distributors supply our products to stores and other businesses that sell to trade professionals.

Kitchen Dealer

Approved Rev-A-Shelf kitchen dealers through their design services, supply our products to consumers.

Authorized Retailer

Approved Rev-A-Shelf retailer partners supply a select assortments of our products to customers in physical locations.


Authorized Web Reseller

Approved E-commerce and/or Web-reseller partners who are authorized to sell our products to consumers.

Why is buying from an Authorized Partner important?

Rev-A-Shelf prides itself on partnering with the best organizations in our industry. No matter if they are Distributors, Kitchen Manufacturers, Kitchen Dealers and Designers, Retailers, or E-Commerce. We only authorize those that have an understanding of our line of products, possess knowledgeable sales and customer service teams and practice overall sound business practices*. Since Rev-A-Shelf cannot control the quality of products sold by Unauthorized Sellers, it is crucial that you purchase our products from the list of approved Reseller Partners. Any purchases made outside this select group could potentially limit any future warranty claims or service for products sold.

*Approved partners meet our business requirements. They do not work for Rev-A-Shelf LLC, and their overall work is neither guaranteed nor warranted by us.

Rev-A-Shelf partners with many sales affiliates throughout North America, use this tool to check your surrounding area and locate Rev-A-Shelf brand products at a Wholesale Distributor, Kitchen Dealer or Authorized Resellers in your area.

If searching in Canada, please use only the first three of the zip. For example, K0B 0A5 would be K0B.

Authorized Partner Logo

We encourage anyone who purchases Rev-A-Shelf/Tresco products through online Resellers to buy from one of our Authorized Partners and look for our official logo when purchasing Rev-A-Shelf product.