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  1. 5WBR Series
    Sliding Wine Racks
    $97.15 - $646.75
    Create a pantry or bar that is the envy of all your friends with Deluxe Sliding Wine Racks. Their unique design lets you see your wine bottles entirely just by pulling the product out of the cabinet. Go from selection to serving is just seconds!

    Available in three sizes, 18", 24" and 30", it glides on full-extension slides, and the angled design keeps your corks wet, preventing spoilage. So, don't wait any longer, get the wine storage solution that any Sommelier would be proud to have.
  2. 5WSCR Series
    Sliding Spice/Can Rack
    $100.75 - $686.50
    Stop looking at your pantry head-on and start seeing things from a different, more accessible angle with our Deluxe Sliding Spice/Can Rack. Their unique design lets you see items entirely just by pulling the product out of the cabinet. See what you have at a glance!
  3. 5WCOR Series
    Pantry System Container Organizer
    $29.15 - $456.75
    Looking for an easy access way to store sundries, then look no further than this amazing pantry system container organizer. Available in multiple sizes, the organizer glides out of the pantry, giving you complete accessibility. The airtight acrylic containers with easy-open lids allow you to find what you need when you need it.
  4. 432 Series (Tall)
    Wood Tall Filler Pullout
    $517.05 - $556.80
    (Contains: 432-TF39-6C, 432-TF45-6C )
    Create a pantry behind those decorative panels with these Tall 432 fillers. Available for 6" applications, the 432TF Series comes in 39" and 45" heights and can be used alone or in conjunction with others to meet your 84", 90" or 96" height requirements. A beautiful addition to any kitchen; each unit features adjustable shelves (5 for the 39", and 6 for the 45") with chrome rails.
  5. 4265 Series
    Wood D-Shape Pantry Set
    Call to order
    (Contains: 4265-20-50 )
    The perfect balance of value and quality is what you get with this set of five 20" D-Shape shelves designed for pantry/tall cabinet applications.
  6. 434 Series (Tall)
    Wood Tall Stainless Steel Filler Pullout
    $517.05 - $807.65
    (Contains: 432-TF39-6C, 432-TF45-6C, 434-TF39-6SS, and 1 more )
    Create a pantry behind decorative panels with Rev-A-Shelf's tall 434 fillers. Available for 6" applications and comes in 2 common sizes of 39" and 45" heights. Loaded with features like adjustable door mount brackets, full-extension ball-bearing slides, beautiful chrome accent rails and the adjustable shelves these are a must have for otherwise wasted space.
  7. 448-TP Series (Tall)
    Wood Pantry Pullout
    $926.55 - $1082.85
    Rev-A-Shelf wood pantry system will maximize your storage space with this fabulous and functional pullout pantry. Available in four widths and three heights, it rides on our heavy duty soft-close slide system and boasts unprecedented adjustment and strength. Constructed of beautiful wood, adjustable shelves, door mount brackets, a telescoping rear wall and included all mounting hardware.
  8. 4PIL Series (Tall)
    Pilaster System New!
    $7.40 - $1112.15
    Rev-A-Shelf has introduced a truly customized pilaster system. The pilaster system is completely adjustable to work with different cabinet openings and work around hinges.
  9. 4W Series
    Wood Swing Out Pantry
    $148.90 - $379.30
    The 4WP Series swing-out wood pantry is designed for 36" cabinets the series features amenities the competitors just don't offer from an industrial piano hinge, adjustable pantry shelves with chrome rails. The solid construction consists of 1/2" Maple that has a UV cured, clear finish to ensure a beautiful match to any cabinet.
  10. 5300 Series
    Solid Bottom Pantry Pullout
    Call to order
    Rev-A-Shelf’s 5300 Pullout Pantry Series is the answer to your full access (frameless) cabinetry needs. The series offers basket depths for 24” deep cabinetry and comes in five different widths and four height ranges. Available in your choice of beautiful maple or contemporary gray solid bottom to match every kitchen style.
  11. 5200 MP Series (Tall)
    5200 MP Series (Tall)
    Call to order
    (Contains: 5258-09-MP, 5258-14-MP, 5273-09-MP, and 1 more )
    Enhance functionality and preserve a stylish image with the Rev-A-Shelf's Chrome/Maple Pullout Pantry. The 5200 MP Series is available in a plentiful selection of sizes and is designed on the 250 lb. rated slide system for a quiet glide out function. This Premiere accessory features micro-adjustment door mounting brackets, top and bottom slide covers for a finished look, and each Maple shelf liner is coated with a transparent anti-skid coating that not only prevents skidding, but also protects the wood surface. The chrome pullout pantries are kit packaged with frame, baskets and door mounting brackets in one carton.
  12. 5374 Series
    Flat Wire Swing Out Pantry
    Call to order
    Jazz up your kitchen with our new Swing-Out Pantry. As the pantry door swings open, the baskets slide out toward your fingertips. Designed for full access (frameless) 16-1/2" and 24" width pantry cabinets (minimum opening height 74"), the 5374 Series features an orion gray finish and flat wire construction that complement any kitchen design.
  13. 5722 Series
    Chef's Roll-Out Pantry
    Call to order
    (Contains: 5722-36CR )
    Spend less time organizing and more time cooking with the Chef's Roll-Out Pantry, a state-of-the-art storage solution designed to maximize every inch of your 36" pantry.
  14. 5700 Series
    Wire Pantry Pullout
    $1524.40 (or Call to Order)
    Bring functionality and style to your kitchen with a Chrome Pullout Pantry. Available in an array of sizes you are sure to find the right one for your storage needs. Complete and kit packaged, this beautiful pantry features adjustable door mounting brackets, 250lbs weight rated slide system, top and bottom soft-close slide slides, study frame and stylized wire baskets.
  15. 6065 Series (Tall)
    Polymer Full Circle Pantry Set
    $434.55 - $474.90
    Rev-A-Shelf's polymer lazy susans are revered as the best on the market. Whether you are replacing an old unit or just adding a lazy susans to your corner cabinet, you will not be disappointed with the high quality design and the durable rotating hardware that makes installation simple.
  16. 6230 Series (Tall)
    Door Storage Tray Set (Tall Cabinets)
    $68.75 - $90.20
    Expand cabinet space with this handy five tray door storage set. The 6235 Series is available in three different sizes and is easy to install with screw-in clips or mount the trays to 24' or 58" standards with tray clips (sold separately). Sets are available in white or almond.
  17. GLD Series (Tall)
    Glideware(TM) Pullout
    $152.85 - $268.55
    Glideware(TM) is a revolutionary organizing pullout that allows you to securely hang your accessories inside of your cabinet and brings them out only when you want them.

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