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  1. 563 Series
    Towel Holders
    $6.95 - $40.90
    (Contains: 563-32, 563-32 C, 563-47, and 2 more )
    Store dish towels where you need them, right under the kitchen sink. The 563-47 Pullout Towel Bar is the perfect example of user-friendly with 3 prongs that slide-out of the cabinet 12" for total convenience. This Pullout Towel bar is available in white or chrome and features universal brackets for right or left hand mounting.
  2. 5786 Series
    U-Shaped Wire Bottom Shelves
    $449.05 - $470.95
    (Contains: 5786-30CR, 5786-33CR )
    Obtrusive plumbing shouldn't dictate your storage space. Update with a Rev-A-Shelf's chrome wire pullout, outfitted with our unique U-Shaped frame that fits around the peskiest of pipes.
  3. CIB Series
    Pullout Ironing Board
    (Contains: CIB-16CR )
    Rev-A-Shelf has ironed out the inconvenience of storing and setting up that bulky ironing board with the introduction of its CIB Series. The uniquely designed expandable frame mounts easily in a closet between panels and the fixed brackets allow for easy mounting of all standard drawer fronts. It features a chrome finish and a unique ball-bearing slide system that provides sufficient over travel for maximum utilization. Simply open until the gravity lock engages, unfold board and you are ready to iron!
  4. 4SH Series
    Scale Holder
    (Contains: 4SH-15-1 )
    What you hate about scales? Picking them up to clean, tripping over them and of course their honesty. Okay, we can't help with everything, but with Rev-A-Shelf's scale holder two out of three isn't bad. This door mounted storage rack allows you to store your scale off the floor and securely inside of your cabinet.
  5. 548 Series
    Two-Tier Sink Base Organizer
    (Contains: 548-10CR-1 )
    Keep items stored away in this easy to reach sink base pullout. Features include right or left hand mounting, chrome frame and ball-bearing slides.
  6. CROIBSL Series
    Elite Rotating Ironing Board
    (Contains: CROIBSL-14-SM-1 )
    When there's no time to run to the laundry room and dig out the ironing board, Sidelines comes to the rescue! Now there's room for the ironing board right in the closet with your clothes. Shelf mounted, our Elite rotating ironing board is available at a moment's notice to help perfect your days' outfit. In a snap, you can slide it out and swivel the unit into position. Iron not included!
  7. CPUIBSL Series
    Premier Pop-Up Ironing Board
    (Contains: CPUIBSL-14-SM-1 )
    Take the strenuous labor out of your ironing with the CPUIBSL Series Pop-Up ironing board that mounts inside of your closet. This ironing board slim design makes it only 6" wide when stored and installs easily into any 14"+ deep closet. Features soft-assist pop-up, metal legs that lock for stability and with overtravel slides, it can be hidden behind a closet door if desired.
  8. CSWIBSL Series
    Deluxe Swivel Ironing Board
    $62.35 - $724.70
    When there's no time to run to the laundry room and dig out the ironing board, Sidelines by Rev-A-Shelf comes to the rescue! Now there's room for the ironing board right in the closet with your clothes. Hugging a vertical panel, our space-saving, patented, Deluxe Elite Swivel ironing board is available at a moment's notice to help "perfect" your day's outfit. In a snap you can slide it out, swivel and lower the unit into position. Iron not included!

    And since every closet space is different, our super-slim ironing board can be swiveled into several positions within a 90-degree radius of its mounting panel. From perpendicular to parallel, adjust it to the position that best suits you!
  9. IRH Series
    Iron Holder
    (Contains: IRH-SM-1 )
    Conveniently store your iron with Rev-A-Shelf's IRH Series. Ideal for closets, laundry rooms and more, the holder installs with just two screws.
  10. 441 Series
    Maple L-Shaped Vanity Organizer
    $410.35 - $511.00
    Conveniently store items while maximizing your under sink vanity space with Rev-A-Shelf's 441 L-Shaped Organizer. Designed for 24" and 30" vanity sink base cabinets and made of maple dovetail hardwood with a semi-gloss finish, this organizer features a unique reversible frame that can be mounted on the left or right to fit around obtrusive plumbing. It glides on TANDEM, 90 lb. rated slides with BLUMOTION soft-close and includes non-skid vinyl lining and acrylic bins.
  11. 5SBWCC Series
    Waste and Cleaning Pullout
    (Contains: 5SBWCC-8S-1 )
    Bring the ultimate cleaning
    convenience to your sink base cabinets with our 5SBWCC Series, featuring one
    8 L waste container, two 1 L spray
    bottles and soft-close slides.
  12. HURV Series
    Polymer Utility Basket
    (Contains: HURV-1512 S )
    Organize your kitchen, bathroom, closet, garage - the options are endless with this universal hamper/utility basket. The HURV Series features a polymer basket, sturdy wire frame, full-extension slides and easy installation with just four screws.
  13. RL Series
    Rev-A-Lock Cabinet Security
    (Contains: RAL-101-1 )
    Introducing the revolutionary peace of mind accessory for any parent or grandparent, the Rev-A-Lock. This security device is one-of-a-kind with powerful magnetic locks. The lock assembly can attach to wood, glass, metal, and particleboard cabinets for a guaranteed safeguard from curious little hands. To open the cabinet, simply hold the magnetic key against the cabinet door to disengage the lock. The RL Series also features an unlocking device that allows a disabling of the lock so cabinets can be opened without the key.
  14. 4SOWC Series
    Maple Door Mount Waste Container
    (Contains: 4SOWC-8-1 )
    The 4SOWC series simply mounts to your cabinet door for easy access. The bin features built in handles and a removable lid.
  15. 4WCSC Series (Sink)
    Maple Bottom Mount Reduced Depth Waste Container
    (Contains: 4WCSC-1532DM16-1 )
    Conceal garbage under your sink without compromising design with our 4WCSC Series reduced depth waste container that features light-gray 32 qt. can that is slimmer than others, making it ideal for under sink applications.
  16. 5386 Series
    U-Shaped Solid Bottom Shelves
    $576.80 - $621.90
    Under Sink Storage can be tricky with the plumbing getting in the way. This U-Shaped Under sink Pullout Storage Organizer with Wire Basket Shelf by Rev-A-Shelf is the perfect solution! Featuring your choice of beautiful Maple or contemporary Gray solid bottoms with wire basket shelving, this Rev-A-Shelf Under sink Pullout Shelf is designed for 33" and 36" sink base cabinets. The unique u-shaped frame fits around even the peskiest pipes, and glides on Blum full-extension, Soft-Close Drawer Slides. The pull out shelf can be side or bottom mounted and can also be individually door mounted with included brackets.
  17. 5CC Series
    Cleaning Caddy Pullout
    Clean your house like a professional with the ultimate in housework convenience, Rev-A-Shelf's 2-in-1 cleaning pullout. Designed for under sink applications it pulls from the cabinet giving you full accessibility and with the removable accessories keeps cleaning products within reach. The caddy is available in a multitude of colors and glides on soft-close slides.
  18. 5CCSO Series
    Door Mount Cleaning Caddy
    Call to order
    Store all your cleaning supplies in one easy to access location with the 5CCSO Series cleaning caddy. Designed for 30" and larger sink base cabinets, this under sink cleaning accessory features a removable polypropylene caddy in three color choices, and door mounts with just 2 screws.
  19. 5SOWC Series (Sink)
    Wire Door Mount Waste Container New!
    Call to order
    (Contains: 5SOWC-8-1 )
    Good things come in small packages and that is no exception for our 5SOWC door mount waste bin with built-in towel holder. Its 8 L capacity is great for under kitchen sink applications and the hand towel holder makes drying hands or quick clean-ups a breeze.

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