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Pant Rack Pullout

If you've ever tired of paging through an entire array of hangers filled with trousers, we've got the perfect solution to this tedium: The Elite Pants Rack. Our Elite Rack slides out on full-extension, soft-close slides, showing off many pairs of pants at once! With separately-hinged, non-slip, steel hanger arms, it's easy to give your two-legged wardrobe dedicated space in your closet. And don't forget the pantry! This device brings linens and tablecloths to one central location, reducing wrinkles by draping them over hanger arms as long as needed.

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  • 3 Models to fit 18", 24" and 30" section widths, all 14" + deep
  • 8, 12 and 15 non-slip storage hanger arms, respectively, on each rack
  • Full-extension, soft-closing, ball-bearing steel slides
  • Available in Bronze, Satin Chrome or Satin Nickel
  • Steel construction, cast aluminum slide housing
  • Installs with 4 screws, a fully-assembled unit

Physical Specifications

Part # Width (min to max) Depth (min to max) Height (min to max) Material Color Finish
PSCSL-2414SC-BZ-1 24" 14" 21/2" N/A Bronze Plated
PSCSL-3014SC-BZ-1 30" 14" 21/2" N/A Bronze Plated
PSCSL-1814SC-BZ-1 18" 14" 21/2" N/A Bronze Plated
PSCSL-1814SC-SC-1 18" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Chrome Anodized
PSCSL-3014SC-SC-1 30" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Chrome Anodized
PSCSL-2414SC-SN-1 24" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Nickel Anodized
PSCSL-3014SC-SN-1 30" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Nickel Anodized
PSCSL-2414SC-SC-1 24" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Chrome Anodized
PSCSL-1814SC-SN-1 18" 14" 21/2" N/A Satin Nickel Anodized

Minimum Cabinet Opening

Full Access

Part # Width Depth Height
PSCSL-2414SC-BZ-124" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-3014SC-BZ-130" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-1814SC-BZ-118" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-1814SC-SC-118" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-3014SC-SC-130" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-2414SC-SN-124" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-3014SC-SN-130" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-2414SC-SC-124" 14" 21/2"
PSCSL-1814SC-SN-118" 14" 21/2"


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  • PSCSL-2414SC-BZ-1
  • PSCSL-3014SC-BZ-1
  • PSCSL-1814SC-BZ-1
  • PSCSL-1814SC-SC-1
  • PSCSL-3014SC-SC-1
  • PSCSL-2414SC-SN-1
  • PSCSL-3014SC-SN-1
  • PSCSL-2414SC-SC-1
  • PSCSL-1814SC-SN-1
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